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www.Hallmarkbusiness.com/redeem – Redeem Your Hallmark Premiere Choice Award Online

If you have received a Premiere Choice Award paper from Hallmark, you can go to www.Hallmarkbusiness.com/redeem or www.HallmarkInsights.com/redeem to redeem your award online. In just a few steps, you can get the awards you would like to redeem, including Aerie gift card, Amazon gift card, AMC gift card, Gap gift card and more.

How to Redeem your award:

1. Type in the award number, full dollar value (if your award value is $25.00 enter 25, i.e.: $25.00 = 25) and click on “Enter Award” to begin the redemption process.

2. You will now see the award number you typed under Award List. (If you have other awards to redeem, repeat step 1.) Next, click on “View Merchants”.

3. Retailers will be listed alphabetically by category. Select your retailer of choice by clicking on the retailer’s name.

4. Next choose the dollar amount and quantity of the certificate you would like for that retailer then click on “Add to Cart”.

5. If you have allocated your full award, click “Checkout”.

If you still have a balance available and would like to choose another retailer, click continue shopping and repeat steps 3-5.

6. Enter your shipping information and click on “Continue”.

7. Verify that all information that has been entered is correct.

8. You will see your confirmation number. Your gift certificate(s) will be on the way to you!

Click here to start the redemption process

Please note: If you have multiple awards, enter the highest value award first, this ensures you will have the largest merchant list to select from.

To get the reward from Statefarm, you can visit www.hallmarkbusiness.com/statefarm directly to redeem your reward quickly.

To get the reward from Mercy, you can visit www.hallmarkbusiness.com/mercy directly to redeem your reward quickly.

Need more help, just click on the “Help” button on the website or call customer service number at 1-866-601-5918!

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