Online Service – Request a Experian Security Freeze Service Online

If you would like to release any information in your credit report without your authorization, you can go to the website to add a security freeze to your credit file.

What is Experian Security Freeze Service?

The Freeze Service is designed to prevent your credit report being released by a credit reporting company, unless the company has got your consent. After you put a freeze on your file, you will get the identification number or a password as the “key”. No one can see your credit report without your consent. If you want to remove the freeze or give other people the temporary authority to see your credit report, you will need to do the following process. However, the process is a little complex. You have to go to the reporting agency, providing a lot of materials as required verifying your identity and the identification number or the password. Then you have to write a statement of removing the freeze or giving temporary authority to others.

How to Request a Experian Security Freeze Online?

Just go to the above website, then select “Add a Security Freeze” option and follow the instructions to answer the questions and submit your application form.

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Please note: Once you use the Freeze Service, your application for new loan, rental housing, investment, mortgage or every other thing which needs your credit report will be delayed.

If you would like to request a lift of your freeze from Experian, just go online: or call Customer Service Phone: 888-397-3742.

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