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If you’ve purchased a Stroller, toy or Power Wheels at National retail chain Toy R Us, it is a good idea to add a Toys “R” Us Buyer Protection Plan (offered by SquareTrade). Product purchased  at Toys “R” Us can be covered by a extended protection plan. This plan is in addition to the manufacturer’s. A Toys “R” Us Buyer Protection Plan can cover the cost of repairs, replacement or other services. It is a good idea to purchase the plan at the same time you purchase your item.

Toys “R” Us offers a Replacement Plan and a Service Plan for you to choose based on the price you want to protect. Products under $300 are covered by the former one, with a 15-month coverage provided since the date of purchase. Products over $300 are covered by the latter one and the coverage is as long as two and three years.

How to register for the Toys “R” Us Buyer Protection plan:

When you see the plan options displayed above the “Add to Cart” button on the product page, you will know if the item is available for a plan. Then add the plan you wish to purchase to your cart. Then an Electronic Buyer Protection Plan Fulfillment email will be sent to your mailbox. It serves as a digital copy and fulfillment of your plan.

After that, you should visit the website of register for Toys “R” Us Buyer Protection Plan: By finishing three steps, you can get access to your protection plan: create your account, identify your product and register your pl-an. It’s available from the date of purchase.

When your merchandise has something wrong and you want to make a claim, just call N.E.W. at 1-866-212-1975 for referral to the nearest authorized service center. You can call it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is easy to do and will never be a huge hassle. Please tell the representative what is the problem. This is necessary to do, since all repairs must be authorized in advance.

See, it is not troublesome at all. But if you don’t buy it, it will be much more troublesome than you expect.

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