Register & Renew Your Verizon Wireless Employee Discount

If you’re a valid customer who enjoyed the employee discount of Verizon Wireless services in the past year, you’re now required to renew your discount eligibility again. The fastest and easily way to do it is go the website and follow the instructions to complete the validation process online.

How to Renew Your Discount:

First, open the above validation website link.

Then, read the terms and choose which way you would like to validate. You can validate by Work Email Address or by Paystub.

By Work Email Address, just click on the “Continue” button and enter your work email address. If your email matches their participating companies, then they will send you an email with a link to confirm your eligibility.

By Paystub, you need to complete the Customer Information and Employer Information sections of the Discount Eligibility form, then upload a digital copy of your recent paystub. You’ll receives a status notification via email after your submission.

You can also call the phone number (800) 890-8007 and speak to a customer service to start the validation process.

About Verizon Wireless Employee Discount Program:

It’s a money saving program for employee in the companies partnered with Verizon Wireless.It allows all new and existing Verizon Wireless customers to receive discounts on phones, calling plans, accessories and more if they’re eligible.

To see if you’re eligible, you should have a Work Email Address first. Then go to, enter your work email address. If your email address matches their records, you will receive an email from VW with instructions on how you may begin to take advantage of the discounts you are eligible for. (Personal email addresses cannot be accepted.)

Click here to see if you’re eligible now!

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